Tuesday, 18 May 2010

May 2010 Swishes

Publicasity's Accessories Swish

9 May 2010 18:00

Venue: 15 Kean Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 4AZ

Publicasity is holding it\'s very first swishing event at their offices based in Covent Garden, London.

6-645 – welcome drinks

645-700 – Browsing the collection

7-715 – further drinks and nibbles

715-8 – SWISHING!

This is accessory swishing, and looks set to be a great evening.

Drop Aaron an email at ahuckett@publicasity.co.uk if you are interested!


Publicasity team

Email: ahuckett@publicasity.co.uk


Mrs Bear’s Clothes Swap Shop


DATE: Sat 29th May 2010
LOCATION: The Britannia pub, 360 Victoria Park Road, Hackney, E9 7BT

TIME: 1pm - 4pm
(free to browse)

With everyone feeling the pinch in the current climate, Mrs Bear’s clothes swapshop is themed on a World War II "make do and mend” ethos. The simple idea being you can exchange your unwanted clothing, shoes or accessories with someone else’s. Swap your way to a new wardrobe at little cost to you and the environment! It’s also aimed at re-gaining a sense of real community whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

The clothes swapping events and “make do and mend” events are held at various locations in London with a regular last Saturday of the month at The Britannia, (thebritanniapub.co.uk) and a first Saturday of the month in Crouch End. For fair swaps we have to grade your clothes, shoes and accessories and you will receive your own coloured coupons in a WWII style ration book! So.........