Friday, 8 January 2010

Swishing- So Wot's All Da Fuss ‘Bout Then?

Ok will keep it brief (like G-strings).

Swishing is gr8 becoz:

  • It’s eco-matey.
  • U met nu peeps with the same mind (or in some cases jelly) set.
  • U gets 2 go shoppin 4 free (C wot I did dere? Wid the square root an ting?).
Okay forget the maths, ere’s the science:

U get 2 see some1 use a garm you have
a) never worn (…spud) or
b) loved once but had enough of (so off load and free your wardrobe…u get me?)

Dahhhhhh it’s a no-brainer: join the (r)evolution, then tell a friend and an enemy.

Bo! Nuff said.

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